Authors of my favorite book collections

H. P. Lovecraft website -- The father of Cthulhu...

Charles de Lint's Home Page -- Canadian author who fuses the strangeness and intricacy of the kingdom of faery with a modern, familiar landscape. As de Lint says, "I see the juxtaposing of the two as a way of exaggerating the dichotomy of our relationships with each other and our environment."

Antero Alli - Multifaceted and talented playwrite, ritualist, author. Wrote Angel Tech, the Akashic Record-Player, and others.

Robert Anton Wilson -- Author of the Illuminatus Trilogy and Schroedinger's Cat.

Official website of Clive Barker -- Author of Cabal and many other books of the mystery/horror/otherworldly genre.

Gael Baudino -- One of her short stories about elves resonated with me much more than I expected... There is no Gael Baudino page, but this page contains some good information. Recommended books are Gossamer Axe and Strands of Starlight.

Web Comix

Sluggy Freelance -- Things were never quite the same once Bunbun came into his life. Not even a Tome of Ancient Eville would help him.

User Friendly -- A net comic about life at the megacorporation Ubersoft...

Clan of the Cats -- She's a witch, who's a shapeshifter, and turns into a panther when she's aggravated, cause she's under some sort of curse, only nobody knows exactly what, and every so often she goes into heat...

The Dilbert Zone -- The homepage of the author of the Dilbert comic strip.

Eversummer Eve -- Otherkin anime by Yliarna, beautifully done.

In Print Comics

The Dreaming -- Neil Gaiman page, creator of the Sandman comics. Lots of Sandman info.

Poison Elves -- The life and times of Lusiphur, a cantankerous elf of ill repute.


The Ballad of Tam Lin -- One of my favorite ballads... A cat I used to know was called Tam Lin

My Tammy - 1983 to 1999

Lemmings -- A poem by my faerie-sister (otherwise known to me as "blonde stressball"). The poem describes the stress of her life in particular and of modern life in general.

Bookfinder -- find out of print, rare books using bookfinder's amazing database.


Bits of My Reality