Caveat Emptor Corporatus

Rialian, April 19, 2005

===You know, I find it hard to believe that anyone with a rational mind would actually want to just "trust science"...especially when so much of science these days is done for profit.

===I look at Genetically Modified "Foods", and I get rather concerned. We are told they are safe...that scientific tests have proven it to be so.

===Hrm...and who bankrolled those tests...and who is monitoring those tests and the corporations?

===Tends to be the same people...the back and forth between the monitors and the monitored...the lists could be placed side by side, and the matches would be an education in and of itself.

===Now, I must admit some mother and one of her sisters was treated with a "perfectly safe" dose of Radium for sore throats. Basically, they put a probe in, and then draw back the sleeve and leave the piece of refined radium by the swollen tissues. My mother has some interesting health issues, and a sister had thyroid cancer.

===Scientifically proven to not cause harm, of course....(and if you believe that, might I recommend reading The Plutonium Files : America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War...)

===Add in such things such as the insistence on trying to keep folks from not using these "products", as it "portrays there to be a problem", and is "predjudicial" know, that does not make me inclined to want to "trust" these folks.

===Hysteria? Interesting choice for the proponents of GM to use....It is hysteria to not want to take the possible risk to one's health. I was told one time that my rather deadly allergy to shelfish was "hysteria". My father went to the hospital many a time due to the non-labeling of peanut oil in foods that it should not have been in. (this was a rather fun problem in the 1970's...let me tell you.)

===When we see some ethics in the corporations doing this stuff, and a lot less revolving doors of folks monitoring and then getting really good jobs in the companies they were monitoring...then being nominated again to monitor...then getting more money another way from the monitored....then maybe it could be considered "hysteria".

===As it stands, I really do not want to place my life and health at the mercy of the honorless. There may be good folks involved, but they really are not the ones making the decisions to make a buck and hope that they can legalese their way out of being responsible for harm.