Walking the Thresholds -- Walking the Thresholds is a gathering for those who are not necessarily of human kind, but feel more toward a mythical flow, be they Elven, Fae, Scaled One, Clawed One, etc., and/or creature of Outer Origins.

Crossing the Thresholds Another gather in the woods of 4QF held near the fall equinox. "A place to camp in the woods and feel nature around you. A place to spend time with people who understand that the universe is not made of straight lines all the time... (and many other places)." -- A forum of resources, articles, connections, and more.

Reiki -- Rialian's Magical Reiki

Reiki -- Crisses' otherkin Reiki practice

Ly de Angeles -- High Priestess, Covenant of Wildwood Gate, Australia. A different perspective...


Girl Genius - The adventures of Agatha Heterodyne: Advanture, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!!

Supernormal Step - This is one above normal step to the left... though you may have another way of saying it.

Surviving the World - "You can't prove that there isn't any extraterrestrial Life. And you can't prove that extraterrestrial life isn't a species of intergalactic space slugs. So why the hel don't you have salt shakers in every room of your house".

XKCD -- A webcoming of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. XKCD updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire -- one of my favorites.

Schlock Mercenary -- Possibly one of the funniest out there.

Sluggy Freelance -- evil kittens, a talking rabbit, an alien, assorted robats, demons, and extradimensional activity.

Books, Comics, Messages in a Bottle -- Miscellaneous authors, comics, websites, etc. of entertaimment value

Eversummer Eve -- Beautiful online comic about urban fae by Ylliarna.

e-lists and journal communities:

Kinspiracy -- This is the secret elitist Otherkin cabal. We are trying to take over the world. Shhh... don't tell anyone. Paraphrasing Tolkien, it's a chance to show your quality

Elven Paths A community for exploration of Elven currents and flows. This is not a roleplaying community. It is for serious discussion fo what it means to be Elven. Membership by invitation only (contact Rialian).

Li'star'i - A community for those who identify as Li'star'i.

Yllirien -- Welcome to Yllirien, Land of the Singing Trees.

Elven Realities -- Discussion group where the general topic of conversation is anything otherkin-related: What is it like to be otherkin, what do we do now that we're here, etc.

Elfinkin digest -- This email-based discussion digest provides a forum for elves and otherkin to discuss items of interest related to their species and state of being.


RavenBlack -- This page must be read backwards or else you will go blind.

Kyrin -- Unique graphic designs.

Paths and Possiblities -- Older Links page.

The True Elves of Europe (Leonid L. Korablev (from Russia)