The Awakening of a Dragon

Here is my story of my awakening and some choice memories so far, hopefully this information may provide useful. (recall memories, similar story to relate to, etc...)

I've always found dragons fascinating. Never really knew why. My mom collected dragon figures the same time my brothers and I started playing Dungeon & Dragons. The dragons were always my favorite. Then I started collecting dragons, figures and pictures. Even had a web page and email address... dragon. And things basically stayed that way until last year (1998).

Summer 1998 I went to Rialian's Otherkin Gathering at Four Quarters Farm PA. Went mainly out of curiosity, and to have fun. A friend of Rialian, Leon, set up this reiki matrix thing he created. Babylon matrix he called it. Had a Labrodorite stone center. Covers a small area like a reiki grid does, but more portable and powerful. With that center stone it supposedly made it easier to see your otherkin form, if you had one. I saw it having some affects with Rialian and others to see their etheric/energetic shapes. I saw Rialian become more elf like, pointed ears, cheekbones and all. Figured I'd give a try and see what it feels like.

I stepped in the matrix. And felt the energy all around. It was pretty cool. Next thing I know, Rialian and Chaos-Magician saw me changing shape with a sound of surprise. I found myself playing with the energy. I felt bigger, and a feeling of wings... large wings. Didn't have a tail that I could sense. I felt like I was exploring sensations of a new body. Rialian and Chaos-Magician told me they saw me as a kind of dragon shape, but didn't know the real name for it. Somewhere between Dragon and Angel. Draconian is a good term. If you take thc classic dragon look, take off the tail, stand it up like a humanoid, that would basically be it. I think I am multi-colored normally. Orange/Gold belly, Blueish under the wings, Grey/Silver on the outside wings and back and head. I go blinding white light in fight mode as far as I can tell. Tail can be morphed in and out at will, usually off. Hands/claws can be morphed into smaller more human hands. Possible full body morphing. Color can be changed as well. Breath weapons are varied.

(this is close to the form/shape that my dragon looks like.    My tail is usually morphed out and my colors are different.)

Shortly later, when I was back in the matrix. I started channeling a new reiki symbol. The symbol was True Form. This symbol helps people see or let others see your true form, otherkin form. Drawing this made it easier to see their forms or for them to see mine even outside the matrix. I then tested this with people who didn't know me (just met me that weekend) and who were not near when I was in the matrix. Every person I showed it to described the same features. Elongated face, big leathery/scaly wings, scaly belly, etc... I think those verifications helped me accept it some.

I went to a workshop at the gathering that practiced astral travel as well. When I was out of my body looking back, I saw my form go Draconian, Elf, Eagle, Human in a blink of an eye.

I left the gathering still unsure of what it all means. I left pondering, but curious. I talked to some awakened people, but not much help there. So that left it on my own to figure out.

I kind of let it go for a while. Didn't think about it really. After leaving the computer job and following my path of healing, it started to enter my mind again. I was a massage therapist, but mainly doing a lot of teaching Reiki. Leon finished building my matrix and I set it up in my bedroom. Slept in it every night. Teaching Reiki 3, master level along with the True Form symbol, made me see and let others see the Draconian more. Laho-chi sessions showed similar images too. It came up sometimes in meditation. Started astral travel, learned more "magic" from Rialian. Got into crystals (shiny sparklies J ) and their energies. Got more and more in touch with my energetic side.

Thanksgiving 98, was home for a while. Was involved in an energetic "expedition." I don't know why I was there, but somehow knew I was supposed to be there. Rialian and Chaos-Magician assured me that nothing would really mess with me and I was going to be protecting someone else. Ok, gave it a try. During this energetic expedition, I went into dragon mode and discovered a bit of how I shine out energy in that mode.

Christmas 98, during a ride up north, I perceived a psychic attack against me. The first time I tried to push it away... ended up being a wing buffet. Second time, a minute later, I bit the guy in the middle spit him out and took a clawed hand into a fist and pummeled the annoyance into the ground. Third time, I was annoyed, didn't want an accident while driving. I grew to twice the normal size, and started radiating out lots of blinding white light, bit the guy in half and tore each limb and head off the torso and "flamed" the pieces with breath I think. Saw my shape pretty good during that episode.

Now basically accepted that I was(time?/space?) /am draconian at some lifetime, and that it is part of my energies. Can't say I know a whole lot about my draconian past/present, but it'll come.

Before going to kinvention, I saw one of my guides above me in Dragon form. Talked to him for a while. He told me my dragon name, translated to an english speakable word is Eyovah.

The home world/land is Krenar (K'ree-nar..hard K sound). There are three areas of the land that I saw. One mountain castle in the clouds, kind of like those Merlin like castles that have the winding trail that goes up and around the mountain and at top a castle. The clouds are this pastel colors of peach,pink,yellows, oranges,violet, etc... and they are firm enough to walk on. Even a stairway of these clouds heading up to the castle. The second area is a huge mountain range that stretches as far as the eye can see. Many of the "common" dragons live in the caves of these mountains (natural and dug caves). There is a portal somewhere here in the mountains, hidden well behind rock, leads to Yyl'nectoir. The third area is way off to the east from the mountain range is a separate area of mountains. This area is populated by more "darker" dragons. They are best described as the type that we find in our medieval times stories. I believe there a portal to earth to that time there.

I started in the great mountain range. Became a guard in the castle. Then for whatever reason, was sent on a mission to gather information, skills, techniques, prove self, help where I go. That lead me to Yyl'nectoir first. Then eventually Earth.

At kinvention. Talked to Celebron, another dragon. He mentions a scene that many dragons (of my form) seem to remember. A mountain valley with a few dragons up top and the rest of the masses in the valley below. My perspective was looking down into the valley with someone (or a few) beside me.

Micheal Whelan

Talking to Adara, (Elf at Yyl'nectoir for this memory) started to remember being on a mountain pass, in Yyl'nectoir. Frightened a reddish-brown "horse" that threw its rider. I flew down and caught her falling.She had a reddish-brown unicorn. Visited her peoples castle, brought her back to my land. She remembers the clouds which we explored. Back in her peoples castle, memories of flying her thru the castle at fast speeds during the "shadow" invasion. Going fight mode with blinding white, her probably on back to leave arms free for attack/defense. Flying around corners, knocking down some dark things. Flew to a portal she knew. Then toke off to get outside castle. Transported one person on grounds to safety in woods, where they jumped in tree portal. Took another under arm out to mountain portal. Returned to Krenar for now.

More Memories to come, as I remember them
(and if appropriate to put up here).
(Any help in remembering appreciated)

dragon smiles and grins,



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