[Question]: How does being whatever sort of kin you are affect your emotions, if at all? Are they like human ones? (In as much as it is possible to tell) Do you feel things that humans don't? Are they stronger, weaker, more or less controlled? Merely different? Does it make a difference if the person on the other side of an interpersonal emotion is human or kin (or even a particular kind of kin)?


I suspect that being kin does affect the way one experiences emotion. I tend to be reasonably abstract in my emotions, unless someone acts unethically out of malice. Mental illness, relationship-based foo, stress-based idiocy, etc....well, that makes sense. Malice and gossip-based behaviors (which may tie into my dislike of cliques and social-manipulation dynamics) will engender a rather strong reaction from me.

I have looked at the mythological traits attributed to elves and faery, and my take on it is not that it is linked to any one manifestation....what it is linked to is the personal ethos of the individual.

I suspect that otherkin feel things that humans do not. My emotions can be described as different...more abstact in a personal way.

It makes no difference whether a person on the other side of an interpersonal emotion is human or kin (or a particular kind of kin). I may be more personally attracted to 'kin sorts, but I am pretty abstract (if I understand other's expressions/understandings of emotions correctly) even with 'kin. Unless one crosses the boundary of intentional malice....especially of a social sort. Of course, that may also be a result of my upbringing. No one in my family has any kindness towards that sort of thing...which is what often gets us in trouble.