by the Silver Elves

We elfin here are far from having obtained elvaleryn (pronounced l-val-ler-ryn).... dearest Lirinen, .....in fact, our physical bodies are ageing as we write this. Nor have we obtained noralyn except in the most sketchy of manners. And while we have met some very powerful and magical elfin folke in this life time, we know of no one who has obtained either of these in their true sense. We suspect that those who claim to have done so are doing just that...making claims. Yet if you have truly meet those who have obtained true noralyn then you are blessed indeed.

What we have done...is stand in the midst of shimmering elfland and been embraced by some of the most ancient of our kind and been called kindred and remembered and renewed our vow to reincarnate until we had awaken all our people. This was a place where stars shone through everything and when one sat on the floor one was actually hovering four feet above the ground and most importantly one realized without a doubt that we are immortal elfin spirits. You could call this a vision if you would, for indeed it was, but it was also and even more so, an experience...in which we "stood between the worlds" being in both at the same time. It was surely the most profound psychological experience of our lives and a true initiation.

However, it was transitory...and like all peak events it passed away leaving one transformed and yet still standing in this world with the real task of make these dreams come true. The process of doing this is called Derzorvadur (soul infusion)...that is becoming, through effort, more and more in tune with one's true elfin being. This generally requires both meditation, s'elf analysis and examination and will power=action. We must strive to be intune with our most visionary and enlightened s'elfhood and...be...that person as much as possible on a day to day, moment to moment basis. And quite often, fail to achieve (at least this is our experience) and try again. It is actually the effort that matters more than any one moment of success. It is our effort (magic) that attracts the attention of those more developed kin of ours who live on other planes of existence as well as attract the attention of the devas and elementals that share this world of ours on the etheric realms. Then, even though one might fade for a bit ( and we have done this many times) the devas and the elders of our race will always devise a way to find and awaken us again.

Trust that this makes things a little clearer for you. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask...and we will do our best to help answer them.


Zardoa, Silver Flame, Solon, Elantari and Danyal

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