by the Silver Elves

The goblins, the grimlins and the orcs are not true races... syrandas eldivu (enchanting kindred),

.....but, as Tolkein pointed out to us, were made in mockery of elves,men and dwarves. They were captured from our peoples long ago and tortured and abused until they became what they are today...twisted, neurotic, psychotic, frustrated, angry, conniving and violent.

The goblins are so called for their tendency to gobble everything...they are penultimate consumers and exploiters. They have a tendency toward overweight and alcoholism and have been taught that it is their "god given right" to consume and destroy everything they come across... the trees, the earth, the seas and all the animals that inhabit there of. They can be very clever but are prone to solipsism and sophistry. They do, however, have a sense of humor generally; unlike the grimlins who find little to laugh about except the misfortunes of others.

The grimlins are, indeed, quite grim. They are extremely serious about everything and can be found through history among every kind of fanatical, fundamentalist, puritanical, goose stepping, heel clicking zealots that have ever screwed up their faces and narrowed their beady eyes when we've passed by. However, they can be quite clever, they are extremely hardworking (to the point of insanity), abstinent beyond reason and quite serious as parents, although quite often militarily strict with their children and frequently perverse and abusive...but usually in secret.

The orcs, on the other hand, are most often of very low intelligence and/or education, they are often huge and muscular physically, prone to drink and drugs and violence. Their most prominent physical feature is their red necks. They are seldom in charge of anything but are most often the basic storm trooper sort on the lower levels of fascism, the klan and the mafia. They are bully boys and proud of it. They are maddeningly inconsistent with their children, being abusive and strict at one moment and supremely indifferent the next. None the less, while they have done little to deserve it, we would be wise to treat them with dignity and respect. not even understand the concept! They think that respect comes from fear and terror. We must show them otherwise, we must give them freely what they have never known and in a magic that will in time awaken their very souls. Not quickly, mind you, and probably not in this lifetime, but someday. And we must admit to you that there have been times when we were low and down and out and who was it that came to our aide? Grimlins. Hard though they may be...they do have souls, dear kindred, and at the very core of those souls shines a spark from the eternal fires of Valinor.

It is true though that there are those who have suffered so much at their hands that they can not help but carry the scars and hate of that abuse throughout their lives. These valiant souls have the unenviable task of stemming the tide of cruelty. They have suffered much and can not help but despise those who have oppressed them...but, in as much as possible, they do not pass on the abuse and thus they break the chain of cruelty and ultimately set thems'elves and others free. These brave martyrs are not always able to awaken fully in this lifetime but we know that they will in time shed the burden of pain and anguish that they bear and join us in the sacred dance that celebrates our life among the Stars. We honor these and do what we can to soothe and heal them.

It would be easy for us to hate the goblins, grimlins and orcs (and surely they have done much to deserve our hate and disgust) however, hate is their way and not ours. The elven way is the path of enchantment, of love and of healing. Their path is one of prejudice; ours must be tolerance. We must not let ours'elves be sucked down into the stagnant morass of their fears and phobias. That does not mean that we should trust them, for in truth we can no more trust them then we could a rattlesnake...we must handle them very delicately and always with great caution. Yet, we must never forget that, as hard as it is to admit, we are related to these poor depraved, pathetically cruel people. This is not to say that we are the same, for we are no more the same than a Bird of Paradise is the same as a vulture; however, they are our ancient kin... they bear our blood within them. Have you never wondered why the dark elves (vampires) and dark pixies (goths) and many otherkind are born and raised by them? In time, these tortured souls will disappear from the earth and be born again in the bright and shining radiance of elfland.

Is it any wonder that they fear and despise us? Not only do we represent the end of everything that they believe to be the basis of their world but we also have and continue to enchant and "steal" the hearts and minds and imaginations of their own children who awaken to their elfin being and are astonished and perplexed to have the parents that they have. These Dylsovasli (changelings) are the key to the transformation of the earth. As they slowly replace goblins and grimlins and orcs, so too, will their basic thought patterns and lifewaves transform creating a new vibratory atmosphere of love and light whose interweaving shall create that mystical place of all our dreams come true... tae syranin eld eli kor farri (the enchanted realm we call Faerie).


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