Syrandir (Enchantment)
by the Silver Elves

Syrandir (Enchantment)...

elaf eldiver (gentle kindreth), .....da na varsifala eldat qum u eldon ( is a particularly elfin form of magic). Occasionally non otherkind try to use it, but seldom effectively, for they do not truly understand the source of this magic and its power. Enchantment comes from the words En = to and chant which is to chant or sing. The key to enchantment is the Song of our Elfin Being. There are even a group of elves, tae fondfali (the singers), who never speak but sing every word of communication. The source of enchantment is Joy and as it radiates through and from us it creates a subsonic vibrational tone that subtly caresses and fascinates others in a way that they find intriguing and mysterious. There are numerous varieties of enchantment but the most of them can be subdivided under the seven major rays of manifestation which are also correlated to the seven points of the elven star.

The first ray is the ray of will. The enchantment that comes from this ray stems from the attraction that people feel for those who are confident and sure of thems'elves. Among the dark elves (vampires) this can function as an overshadowing of the will of another individual. However, the most of ours have discovered that to overshadow another's will is to assume their karma and entails a constant effort that is eventually exhausting to the psyche. Among normals and the non-races, this first ray enchantment usually functions under what is often referred to as the "cult of the personality". It is the attraction and appeal of those in authority to those who are eager to be led. However, we elfin are neither leaders nor followers. The first ray enchantment among most elfin is a result of our s'elf esteem and even more so from our devotion to encouraging this s'elf confidence in others. We help epople feel good about thems'elves and promote their urge toward independence and s'elf direction. Rather than trying to force our will upon them, we urge them to make their own decisions and this puzzling behaviour very much enchants them.

Love-Wisdom is the source of second ray enchantment. Among all elven it manifests as everything from sexual attraction to the highest forms of spiritual love. To the elven there is very little difference between sex and love. We are Tantrists and sex and love are soul mates each in perpetual search for the other. For many folke the sexual and the spiritual are of utterly different orders of being; however, to the elfin sex is very spiritual and the realm of the spirit is tremendously sexy. Among many peoples, love is a bargaining chip...if you give money or security or introduce them to the right people then you will be loved. Even to their children they use love as a method of behaviour control. Do what they want or forget about getting any. But among the elven, LOVE IS EVER FREE. It is not indiscriminate; however, this is the ray of Love-Wisdom, after all, but it is always given without price or condition. We smile upon nearly everyone...unfortunately, many folke have been trained to be suspicious of the smiling face and it is most often not our openness which so intrigues them...but our clear and constant love for each other that awakens their soul ...longing desparately to have what they see so evident before them. We adore each other and that fascinates them and arouses the 'elf within.

The third ray is the ray of Active Intelligence. This is not simply nor necessarily equated with intellect or education. It is very much in tune with the ability to communicate and interact in an intelligent fashion. Nearly all people admire intelligence. Tae Murdili ( the violynts ), tae Lesvili (the greedees ) and tae Grymfali ( the scowlers ) are often hateful and at the very least envious of and leary about the educated and the intellectual but they admire native intelligence. Among the normal folke, intelligence is often a source of competition (what isn't?)...a game of one-up-manship which admires the cunning and the clever. While we elfin do tend to be intelligent, we have little regard for cleverness and we see intelligence as far more than education or is not an area of competition but rather an arena where cooperative sharing makes the all of us more intelligent and successful. We are not enchanting because we are intelligent so much as the fact that we recognize intelligence in others and give it full appreciation. We stir people's souls not so much by our knowledge as our never ending Quest to learn and understand.

The fourth ray is the ray of Harmony through Diversity. It is a particularly creative ray. It is the realm of the individual and the eccentric (the which we mean all faerie and otherkind). The normals who dread anything that is non-conformist tread not do so is to risk be branded weird...a frightening prospect for them. It is in this ray that we come to know and develop our own particular style and flare, our unique indivdual nature while simltaneously accepting the uniqueness of others. Our unpredictable natures both terrify, amuse and arouse the normal folke who secretly admire our courage in being ours'elves and are inwardly delighted that something unusual is happening in their lives even if it is no more than a source of gossip for them. Of course, the non-races can be occasionally dangerous when confronted with anything that is too unusual and it is often safest to pass through their realms unseen. We would do well to encourage the creativity in each and everyone we can...and we do this best... by being our own unique 'elves.

Science and practical knowledge are the theme of the fifth ray. The key here is being an be good, nay, great at whatever one you a writer or an auto mechanic...the firth ray strives for technical excellence. This is the realm of the wyzards and all people admire those who are really good at what they do. Strive for your best..." be all that you can be..." and you will enchant all manner of folke.

Devotion and idealism rule the sixth ray. This is a powerful enchanment and it is the source of attraction that most religions hold over the converted. The elfin are generally not so much a religious people as a spiritual people and our devotion is less to ideas and more to individuals. We do not worship but rather stand in awe of the magnificence of life. We are devoted to the fulfillment of all peoples...not just the elfin ...and deep inside, if they have any sensitivity at all they feel this and are enchanted by it.

And finally, we come to the seventh ray...the ray of organization and ritual magic. Now, we elven are the least organized of all folke and our magic is usually impromptu and spontaneous rather than ritual. However, there is a rhythm to our lives that underlies all that we do and it creates a subtle vibration that effects all that we meet. They are slowly but surely drawn into the song, the dance and the music of our being which is elfland manifest. For the source of enchantment is Joy and the elves enjoy everything that we can. We are enchanted by everything that we see and everyone whom we meet... the stars, the earth and Her inhabitants fascinate us and unltimately it is our own enchantedness that so enchants others. kyela, the Silver Elves

Zardoa, Silver Flame, Solon, Elantari and Danyal

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