by the Silver Elves

Apologies come easy for the elfin...

Beloved Kin,

.....we are ever ready to set aside our pride to soothe the feelings and feathers of another. This is easy for us because our goal is always union. We seek to overcome the differences that separate us from others...not by destroying those differences but by accepting and embracing them.

We have little interest in argument or debate...we are very curious about the opinions and beliefs of others (as we are curious about nearly everything) but we have no intention of arguing who is right or wrong or who is better, etc. In general, we believe that everyone's opinions are valid for thems'elves. We have no desire to force our opinions on others and while we are open to ideas presented to us, force in the long run is of little avail against the elves. We do not seek to win arguments, victory for us comes not from winning over others but by winning others over...by making friends and by, as much as possible, accepting and loving people as they are while simultaneously encouraging the best in them.

In a state of war or conflict we are always willing to compromise wherever possible...we have found though long hard lessons that vanquishing others leads to perpetual cycles of confrontation...our goal is always to end conflict by compromise...to develop a habit of arbitration that endures. It is true that there are times when compromise is not possible...and that is a great sadness for the elven...we would be friends with everyone...unfortunately not everyone is, as yet, ready to be friends with us.

Apologies do not come readily for those who have fragile egos which they are in constant need of defending, however, this is seldom the problem with the elfin. If anything the opposite is true...the elven ego has, particularly in its youthful stages a propensity toward arrogance and it is this that we must constantly guard ours'elves against. Our philosophy requires constant s'elf abnegation to succeed...the alliances we create are often tender and delicate at first and they could not bear the pressure of the fiercely beautiful countenance that can both entrance and terrify most humans...we must go about the world as wee foke, who are both kind and harmless. However, this is only possible for the most advanced of elfin who dare to drop their outer aura of defensiveness and who are powerful and wise and can afford to allow their inner child (elf)...out.

There is no hurry, elfin, no time schedule, no requirements, no way to make things happen before their time...we are birthing a people here...we are bringing to fruition the magic of aeons...our gentle elfin race shall be born and sing and dance upon this planet bringing a better day for all and like all births it is best if we allow the pregnancy to come to full term, nurturing it, singing to it, stroking it tenderly within the womb of our own inner being and it shall come forth in its own time and bring light and love into a darkened world. We know that there are those who feel the tension of the coming times and who would urge us to hurry things along...but we do not listen to them. Those are the voices of the panicking and the mad and when they say hurry, hurry the time is nigh, we hear, relax, relax the time is not yet, for it can not come until the voice of laughter sounds the clarion call of their arrival.

A simple smile, when genuine, is a magic so powerful that it reaches beneath the facade of ideologies into the very heart that yearns to know: are you a friend? can I trust you? will you bring harm to me? In a world of constant threat and competition, we are the solution...we threaten no one (although some, in their paranoia may mistakenly think so) and we are eager to cooperate for the benefit of each and all. The musketeers saying of "one for all and all for one" is an ancient elfin proverb. The word elf in our language bears the connotation of both friend and lover.

This philosophy of cooperation and harmlessness extents not only to our human kindred, but also to our kindred among the trees, the plants, the animals and even among the insects...we strive in as much as possible to do no harm. That is why as we evolve deeper and deeper into our true elfin natures, our souls, that we tend to become vegetarians and will someday (however not in the forseeable future) be air-itarians and ulitmately, in our fully blossomed divinity, totally s'elf sustaining...we will consume ours'elves but never die. In the meantime (and we do mean mean-time) we must simply do our best. Again, there is no hurry, we have eternity after all to evolve within and ultimately we come to realize that in every bit of harm that we do we are only hurting ours'elves. Whatever name we use to decorate ours'elves with, we are still all souls (elves, from our point of view) struggling to bloom. So remember: we could easily make people afraid but it is better in the long run for both them and us if we make them friends. We can kill to survive but we can live without killing. We can fight for a piece of the pie or we can cooperate and bake more. We can force people to do our will but we can never force them to truly love us; yet if we love people purely and unattached it will create such joy in their hearts that they would gladly die for us. The elfin are an immersely powerful people and our power is this: we have each other, we have friends, we sing and dance and smile and love and we shape a world with our dreams and visions and you, yes, you, every single one, are invited to join us and be your own unique 'elf.

The truth is that if it was not for our elfinkin most of us would have given up a long time ago...rolled over and died or would have taken our own lives or simply curled up in a corner and gone catatonic or be wandering among the drugged out walking wounded or worst yet have turned into something truly obscene and perverse. But the elves came along with a smile and a song and our souls stirred and even now, if it was not for you, we don't know what we'd do. Your just being there means so very much to us. Without you, we'd be nowhere, for without our dear beloved elfin this world is a waste land, a nuclear holocost of the soul and spirit and the mind; but you, dear precious elfin, are blades of grass pushing up through the cracks in the concrete and we delight to know that this is so.


Zardoa, Silver Flame, Solon, Elantari and Danyal

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