Soul Mates
by the Silver Elves

From the very first moment that we call out to our elfin kin.... Tolain Eldivasli (devoted kinlings), ....our elfin soul hears us and stirs and our elven kindred, particularly our Der Ernili (soul mates) begin to gravitate toward us, as we are, for our own part, inclined toward them. Every effort that we make toward the realization of our elfin nature strengthens the bond between us and our elfin soul that has thus far been in a deep state of trance-meditation on the ethereal and buddhic planes of existence. Every elfin thought, deed, feeling and particularly service to our people draws this soul more fully within us until that day comes when the soul is wholly indwelling and merged with our body, mind and emotions.

This is, of course, a great paradox. How is it possible that we can be elves and yet not be awakened to our elfiness, or how can we be awakened and yet not fully the elves we know ours'elves to be? How is it possible that there can be a more fully awakened part of us, which we call the soul, that exists on another plane yet is both us and not us?

The answer to this is what, to some, might be considered Time Travel. Our elfin soul exists within us now, in potential, and exists in the future in its more awakened form in actuality. Just as the "adult", the teenager and the child exist in potential within the baby, so does our elfsoul live within us. Just as the teenager is almost totally different from the is mentally, emotionally and physically transformed and yet is the same person, so too are we baby elves now and will one day be more truly elfin later. We call this process evolution and we are evolving into our more perfected, thus immortal, s'elves.

Now the fact that our elfin soul descends into our being sounds a good deal like becoming possessed...which it is! However, this is S'ELF is the influx of our very own soul...our true ego dispossessing all the cult-ural gibberish and programing that we have been en-cult-urated with since our infancy. To become an elf is to become more and more in control of our own brain, body and feelings. It is to become the director and programer of our own consciousness. For ultimately, as we have said so many times, the elfland that we live in is the elfland we create. It has never been our intention to tell anyone how to be elfin, but rather to urge and where possible assist each elf to find their own true s'elf; however, they might define it. And it is our experience that the nature of elfland is such that long contact eventually leads one to evolve into whomever they truly they elf, or hobbit or dwarf or whatever.

We know that there are those who struggle, as do we, with the often harsh nature of the material world. We feel their pain and we do everything within our power to send them the healing energy that they need to rise above the difficult circumstances of their lives and their past (karma) and we have faith that they in their turn are doing the same for us. We are not oblivious to suffering, we feel very deeply for every tortured soul but we have learned...and this has not always been the easiiest lesson for us, that being maudlin and depressed over the difficulties of existence merely sinks us deeper into the mire and that a determinedly optimistic, focused and intent inner cheerfulness is the best means of approaching and overcoming the various obstacles and sometimes tragedies that can confront us on this most physical of planes. It is not always easy to be joyful, it takes tremendous spirit, courage and serious determination but it is, we have found, the best and healthiest way to avoid many of the depressions and torments that confound so many. It must be remembered that we are developing the powers of our minds and feelings (our thought emotes) to create our Elfland...and this is truly elfin magic.

But it is seldom easy to go this road alone....elves alone are most often like boats adrift. In fact, the first thing that usually happens when an elf awakens is an incredible longing for one's kindred...particularly for one's Der Ernili (soul mates). These elves do not define soul mates in the way that most people do... what most would think of as a soul mate we call Ruthned (Weldlinque)...that is an intimate romantic bond with another person. What we mean by soul mates are those individuals that are part of one's Ela Vyl (Life Wave)...they are the elves that one is most intune with spiritually and who have incarnated at the same time in order to fulfill a particular bit of service or dharma for our people or for humanity or nature at large. >From the very instant that one awakens, sometimes sooner, our Der Ernili begin to feel us stirring and engage a psychic sense we have, Dershun, that helps us to find each other. It is not instantaneous, in fact, it often takes a good deal of time for us to find our Der Ernili but this time can be well spent in becoming ever more intune with our inner being and the more tuned in we become with our own elfin nature the stronger the attraction that draws our soul mates to us.

In the meantime, we have found it wise to do our best with whomever fate sends us...whoever is sincerely willing to put forth the effort and to journey with us for however long or far on this voyage of discovery and awakening of ours'elves and the creation of elfland. And in this way we wear down the rough edges, we cut away the dross, we rid ours'elves of every thing...every thought, habit, feeling, action that stands between us and the fulfillment of our destiny to live forever with our friends and lovers, sisters and brothers in the shimmering glow of elfland here among the stars.

What would you do to find your true loves...? What would you endure? How long would you be willing to work and wait? How much are you willing to give change and transform so that your dreams will come true? This is a question that each of us must ask and face. Those who think that Elfland will suddenly appear for them and magically everything will be all right... or that their elfin mates will come along and their work and worries are over...are, in our opinion, very much mistaken...elfland must be created and it is we who must make it real. The appearance of our Der Ernili is not the end of our quest, but truly the beginning. So smile, dearest kindred, rejoice...we are warriors of love and healing and we volunteered for this mission....remember? kyela and des'tai, the SILVER ELVES

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