Walking the Thresholds -- A camping gather in the woods for those who are not necessarily of human kind, but feel more toward a mythic flow, be they Elven, Fae, etc. The gather's purpose is to provide an interface between differing communities of folk that may have no communication otherwise. Existing bonds can be made stronger and new ones formed. We are greatly looking forward to meeting you in this woodland setting. It does not matter if one thinks one is otherkin, or thinks of it as a paradigm that they want to study...This gathering is here for intelligent exploration. (Contact: Rialian)

Crossing the Thresholds - Another gather in the woods of 4QF held near the fall equinox. "A place to camp in the woods and feel nature around you. A place to spend time with people who understand that the universe is not made of straight lines all the time. A place where you can taste emotions and feel colors. A place where conversational topics move from glitter to quantum physics at lightning speed. A place to dance and drink around a campfire. A place to share experiences and ideas. A place to unfurl your wings, extend claws, and embrace a dynamic reality. A place to talk with that which guides and inspires you. A place where different is appreciated and respected. A place to learn about yourself and push the edges of comfort zones to grow. A place with magic in the wind. A place to connect. ... and many other places." (Contacts: [email protected] and Rialian)