Basically Krenar is a planet/realm/reality that my dragon form is from. A place of dragons.


Here are two examples of a Bipedal Dragon


The most noticable thing is the form.  Draconian is a good term. If you take the classic dragon look, take off the tail(usually), stand it up like a humanoid, that would basically be it.  Tail can be morphed in and out at will, usually off (for me at least) Possible full body morphing. Color can be changed as well. Different basic colors. Head has distinctive shape too, like the pictures below...triangular like going outward,main horns going back, horns going slighty outfrom where ears would be.

These forms are ones I relate too, but there are variances of them. Like different races of dragons. Everything from bipedal (the part of the land that my form has a lot of) to the quadrupedal forms..maybe more different types.

The Land:

There are aspects of the planet too. There are three areas of the land that I saw. One mountain castle in the clouds, kind of like those Merlin like castles that have the winding trail that goes up and around the mountain and at top a castle. The clouds are this pastel colors of peach, pink, yellows, oranges, violet, etc. (The background of this webpage for example. And some are firm enough to walk on. Even a stairway of these clouds heading up to the castle. The second area is a huge mountain range that stretches as far as the eye can see. Many of the "common" dragons live in the these mountains castles and caves (natural and dug caves). In between the western and eastern mountain ranges is an expanse of plain,forests full lush undergrowth.

The third area is way off to the east from the mountain range is a separate area of mountains. This area is populated by more "darker" dragons. They are best described as the type that we find in our medieval times stories. I believe there a portal to earth to that time there. There are more memories and info being gatherered and put together :)

There is an email list on Yahoogroups for the Krenar-Dragons.

List description:

A Gathering of the dragons from a realm known as Krenar. (and those friendly to us...tasty elves for example :) A place to meet others of the same kind, information, discuss memories, hang out, joke around, etc... (dragons..please resist urge to flame, we're fire-proof anyway :) (Not Roleplaying)

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