The faierie beame upon you, the Starres to glister on you;
A Moone of light in the Noone of night
Till the fire-drake hath oer-gone you
The wheel of fortune guide you, the boy with the bow beside you
Runne aye in the Way till the bird of day, And the Luckyer lot betide you.

Ben Jonson

"Fair is the moonlight and fair the wood,
But not so fair as the place I come from.
Why did I leave it, the beautiful country
Where Death is only a drifting Shadow?
O face of Love, of Dream and Longing,
There is sorrow upon me that I am here.
I will go back to the Country of the Young,
and see again, the lances of the sidh
As they keep hosting with laughing cries
in pale places under the moon." -- Fiona Macleod

Here is the story of one fae in particular that you may find interesting...Zherad

The Faerie Queen

I walked upon a starlit night, it was the winter cold
I waited for the Moon to rise, and show what Fate would hold
Twas then I saw a Lady Fair with eyes of deepest green
Her hair was firy strands of light, like none I'd ever seen.

Her step made no sound as she passed her body was so slight
And I was sure that if she would, she surely could take flight
She stopped before she passed me by - These words she said to me
Come and let us make our bed beneath yon Greenwood tree

Before you take your leave come Day, one gift I'll give to thee
The gift I give will be whatever you shall ask of me
I lay with her the whole night through and clasped her to my chest
And knew before the morning's dew no gift would give me rest

Excepting if my Lady Fair would ever with me stay
And never would we part again or go our separate way
I see that you have made your wish, my lady to me said
And then she placed a silver crown, upon my weathered head

For she was queen of all the fey, and I am now their king
And if you pass the Greenwood tree, you'll sometimes hear us sing
We sing of winters long and cold and springtimes warm and bright
And of a lady's wondrous hair, of firy strands of light


The elves, the dragons
and the unicorns
came out to play,
Oh, what fun, what fun
On such a brilliantly fine day.
The stars they shine
in Arcadia's sky,
That now we will know
that they will try
To remain as happy as ever been,
Thus thee would ne're
ever seen.

Amerist A'Toll

Memory in White (c) Luis Royo

The Enchanted Forest -- The following was an exerpt from the page of Almathea, which has since disappeared: "One of the most magical and coveted beasts within the forest is the Faerie creature known as the White Hart. The creature has the magical ability to lead all that see it on a chase, no matter what other quest they were on at the time. However, no marksman or huntsman, no matter how clever, could wound the magical beast. --

The White Stag
From "The Enchanted Wood" by Ruth Sanderson
"How beautiful they are, the lordly ones
Who dwell in the hills
In the hollow hills.
They have faces like flowers
And their breath is wind that stirs amid the grasses
Filled with white clover.
Their limbs are more white than shafts of moonshine.
They are more fleet than the March wind.
They laugh and are glad and are terrible:
When their lances shake, every green reed quivers.
How beautiful they are
How beautiful the lordly ones
In the hollow hills."
-- Fiona Macleod

This was excerpted from Galaphine Harrow's page. Unfortunately, this page has also disappeared, so this is all that is now left of it...

"I am Galaphine Harrow,
He Who Flows With the Butterflies,
He of the Emerald Isle,
the One Promised from prophecy.
I am borne of faerie.
Unaging, I have and continue to exist
as Caretaker of the winged ones,
and I have guided them
from the shadows of dawn and twilight
throughout the centuries.

Hear my story, mortal one,
for it is an ominous tale indeed,
as ominous as the coming Sunfall.
My winged ones of the sky still fly this day.
Their numbers dwindle,
as it will be unto the foreday before the Sunfall.
On that day, when fly no more my winged ones,
I and my bonded shall be thrown
into the darkest netherlands of the earth
(as the prophecies foretell)
until the dawn of the New Day,
when the Foreboding has shattered,
freeing the spirits of my brethen
and allowing us to return *in harmony* with our beloved earth.

"And a flute off far lead me on again
And the laughter fell like Silver Rain
Led me through the grey-trunked walls
Whose golden leaves did never fall
Not even in Winter deep."
Almathea of the Children of Twilight


Picture by Gilbert Williams

The tree which moves some
to tears of joy,
is in the eyes of others
only a green thing
that stands in the way.
Some see nature
all ridicule and deformity . . .
and some scarce see nature at all.
But to the eyes
of the man of imagination,
nature is imagination

William Blake

Sanctuary of the fae -- Welcome to Lavendise, a place for any fae to come and remind them of who they are and the magic that lies dormant within them. I will be your guide while you are here. In human form I am known as Chris Kringle. Lavendise shall be a center for networking fae all over the world and a place for self discovery. As time moves on I hope that other vales will spring up. Thus creating a networked community of fae. Includes a fairy chat group where you can talk to other fae on the net.

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