Some Thoughts on the
Elevenstar Working

For the past two years, I've been working with the Horus-Maat lodge on the Elevenstar tree-of-life working. Though thelemic/kabbalistic in nature, the working does not adhere to traditional Kabbalistic conventions, and tries to incorporate more of the feminine energies than the tracitional Horus-based Thelemic orders. The idea is that each person takes responsibility for emanating a Sphere of the tree of life for one year. After the year is over, the person may either move to another sphere, or retire from the working. By having all the thrones filled, the working attempts to bring the energies of all spheres into the ecosystem, thereby balancing the population of the planet to a degree and bringing it more into the flows.

Being elven, I am of course incorporating elven energies into this working and meshing them with the more human magical energies, thereby creating a weird sort of symbiosis...hopefully with some unexpected (and good) results. The first throne I took two years ago was Gebburah, the throne of resistance. The second throne I took was Malkuth, the physical world. The third throne, which I am planning to take next, will be Daath. The following are my thoughts on what has happened so far with the working.

It seems that the thrones like to pull to affinities and new lessons as people work on embodying.... In my own case, I have noted that I get strong hints of the next throne I am going into right in the middle of the time spent on the throne current...(egads, that was bad and unintentional....)

At this juncture, it looks like I will be bidding farewell to Malkuth, and stepping into the flows of Daath. It has been an interesting learning experience, working the 11* this bit of time. I started working by being pulled (quite amusingly) into Geburah, with many things happenening where I stood as the resistance point between things...and the throne helped identify a strong point in my personality, and to reify the reality of just how much I tend to stand in the path of things....and it prepared me for a very rough time in Malkuth.

Malkuth has seen me having to focus a lot on the physical world...dealing with death and close calls within my family (both happening at the same place almost a year apart) finishing a cycle of helping children (acknowledging the burn-out levels accrued in working Intensive Foster Care for just over 8 years)....Observing friendships I thought were solid disolving due to people's misperceptions of who I was, where I got to see just how tenaciously people can hold to their illusions rather than wanting to dance in reality relationship...(in other words, forming their version of reality, and then not being willing to allow me the grace to be outside their version of me.)...Learned that I make an excellent dark mirror on occasion, without even trying.....and I learned that sometimes "Dark Gossip" can be my best friend, in that if people are willing to listen to and spread drivel, then I really have no need for them....

So the flow of Geburah was well noted in Malkuth this year for the aspect of refinement, and of cutting away. A lot of cutting away happened this year...perhaps it could be said it was more of an earthing of those lessons I gained in Geburah. Wether some of them came as a result of the working, or if perhaps it was more a preparation for the flows I was going to have to endure this year.....well, I may never know for sure....and I am fine with it being that way.

My magickal work has certainly refined a bit this cycle...I have been more hermitish and quite this year, and dealing with the shifting of many things. I am looking forward to the dance of Daath...the matters of Malkuth appear to be stabilized in the degree they perhaps need to be, and I have noted the currents recommending to me that a stay in the throne of the juncture between the day and night side would be most in order...(chuckle...I note also I write wyrd when in this mode of thought....this should be fun....)

So...onward to the point of shifting formal...stepping from Daath in Malkuth to Malkuth in Daath....