Dancing in the shadows of the land, the land of the shadows of the moon
Where the sky is the earth and the land of the man is far below

I sing the path of the worlds as a prance and a spin and dance
As I follow the myriads of chance to the one
that sings the weaves to life
I see her in the light of the moonlight sight,
a picture of the web of life
a singing call is in my soul, a wandering living breath
I see the silvery skeined helath
I sing to her:

Blessings to the way of the Path,
to sing the life we lead
To tread the dance we weave,
to bless the barith
We shall walk, sing, dance, and seal,
singing of all joys we savor
Give the live of the dancer,
And sing of the joy of life
Sing of the song of the waves of lineat



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Different Eyes

I see the world through different eyes
Ones different enough to see
As I gaze upon the Lordling lands
I am confused as I can be
Why are these things in so much pain?
And why is there so much shame
What is the point of all this pity
And why is there always one to blame?
These questions my eyes uncover
For my soul to dance around
As I will myself to walk the Earth
And try to clean what I have found.

[email protected]

Blessings Upon Your Way,

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