Feast of Flesh and Spirit Book Cover

LibraryThing site - contains titles of books that have been more recent influences

Eyovah's memorial site -- My website had undergone minor "look and feel" modifications for about 5 years, but the underlying humor, graphics, links, style etc., had remained basically the same. Now it looks like this. I can't say whether or not the loss of Eyovah is the reason why things changed, only that they did change. I'm no longer a social worker, and I have many more reptiles in the house (that's only scratching the surface).

Ly de Angeles -- High Priestess, Covenant of Wildwood Gate, Australia. Highly recommended: "Feast of Flesh and Spirit" and "Genesis" by Ly de Angeles.

Antero Alli -- playwrite, "playrite", author, director, ritualist, mediamaker. Recommended books - Angel Tech and All Rites Reversed

The Horus-Maat Lodge, particularly the Elevenstar working
Some thoughts on the Elevenstar.

R. J. Stewart -- Teacher of British Faerie traditions and hands-on Tree of Life studies. Author of the Dreampower tarot deck.

Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion -- Orion Foxwood has often given workshops in my area. Of particular interest and influence to me have been his Faerie and Millworking studies (of course, they are not actually on the website!).