These are a few of the musicians who are an everyday part of my life:

Wolfsheim - Try "Once in a Lifetime" - danceable and deep, soft but intense.

The Sisters of Mercy - Try their CD "Floodland". In fact, try all of them, you can't go wrong...

Dreamtrybe -- .....This quartet comes on like a cross between early Heart and Tori Amos, with probing, introspective lyrics woven into an arrangement of majestic piano licks, folkie flute lines and aggressive rock drums. The focal point of the track, though, is flexible, dramatic lead vocals. Equally suited to college, modern rock and triple-A formats.....

Platypus Rex -- "Q: I can't enjoy music unless I can heavily categorize the artist. How should I pigeonhole Platypus Rex?
A: File us under "weirdo folk-ish sorta-progressive rock-like".
Can I stalk you?
A: No. "

Yes -- The Internet Yes Source

Concert reviews, Future Times, the latest breaking news from Yes, archives, images, sound, and video, back newsletter issues, yesnet, the Yes online service -- who we are, how to submit articles, etc.

The Changelings -- A newer discovery of mine, haunting music. Some of it literally! (they did a sound track for a haunted house feature in Atlanta).
Siouxie and the Banshees -- Discography, Lyrics, Images, and Text. I just bought three of their CDs and I am enjoying them as I write this.
Point of Ares -- "We are a pagan/wiccan friendly band in central Massachusetts and would like to pass the knowledge of our existence to other Wiccans/Pagans on the net. our music tends to appeal to people who enjoy Jethro Tull, early Genesis, and Rush." They sent me a pretty cool bumper sticker. I do need to hear some of their stuff sometime, but I think they seem pretty cool.(How's that for an intro/suggestion? )
Bel Canto -- I have almost all their CDs. I think they have something to sing.
Enigma -- With the release of Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!, the ground breaking musical project known as Enigma now becomes a trilogy.
Loreena McKennitt -- One of the most exquisite voices in the land. She also seems to be something of a Linguist, as her biography is available in nine different languages!
Peter Gabriel --A genius, in my opinion. His stuff is that good. "and through the wire I hear your voice -- and through the wire I touch the power -- and through the wire I see your face -- it's through the wire"
Dead Can Dance -- Good trance music. The newest album is incredible.
Tori Amos --A great artist originally from my neck of the woods, her music has a dark edge to it that is really good.
Clannad -- A Celtic band, lots of good Celtic harp music. This page has lots of stuff about Clannad music, musicians, song lyrics., and pictures.
Deep Forest -- Ambient Pygmy Amazonian Euro. I like it. The new album is also excellent.
Sara McLachlin -- One of my favorite singers. This artist is indeed wonderful, and her music is moving...
Queensryche -- Deep metal. Great stuff. (You can probably tell that I like all the performers on this list.)
Erasure -- Everything anyone could want to know about Erasure. Page put together by Erasure fanatic.
Jethro Tull -- Definitely Woodland Elves from way back... Things don't change as fast when your soul is from the Wood...

More music that's been helpful to some in awakening:

SongArtist AlbumPertinence
Book of DaysEnya Shepherd MoonsThe Calling...sounds like Home
Solisbury Hill Peter GabrielSelf-titled Hearing the Call, longing for Home
In Your Wildest DreamsMoody BluesOther Side of LifeWondering if those we knew remember us
In Your EyesPeter GabrielSoWhat it feels like to look into the eyes of one of the Sirc (elves) that you love...
More Than WordsExtremePornographittiHow to show devotion to Family and loved ones.
Love Song for a VampireAnnie LennoxSoundtrack to Bram Stoker's DraculaLove surviving the ages and lifetimes...
The Prophet's SongQueenA Night at the OperaProphecy of the apocalypse before our Gift
Take it BackPink Floyd Division BellSame as above
High HopesPink FloydDivision BellIn the Second Cycle looking back...
Turning AwayPink FloydMomentary Lapse of ReasonThis deals with Dark Elves and Light Elves, listen and think of Drizzt
Kocomo Beach Boys?Hey, don't laugh, elven vacation? I dunno, it just strikes me...(Kocomo could be compared to home)
Save a PrayerDuran DuranRioElven morals in a human world. Feel the desire, feel the guilt.
I Know You're Out There SomewhereMoody BluesOther Side of Life The Search is on...
The VoiceMoody BluesThe VoiceAs you begin to remember...
QuestionMoody BluesEvery Good Boy Deserves FavourFrustration of knowing there's more to know
Living YearsMike & the Mechanics?Lesson learned: Say it while you can, you may not always be able to
Healing HandsElton JohnDurban DeepTouch is healing among elves
Closer to the HeartRushPermanent Waves?What the Gift aspires to give
Hurry HomeJon AndersonIn the City of Angels Song from the Pliades Self-explanitory
Talk YesTalkWhere we are, what may come to pass. Very uplifting.
St. Elmo's FireTitle track Artist? Don't know why, just elvish
Forever Young Rod Stewart Album?Elven spirit
(Anything)Larry GowanMany of his albumsReally inspirational stuff
Other stuff by Queenryche.?? I'm running out of time and room.

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