On Delusion vs. Mysticism

One of the subscribers to my LiveJournal asked how to tell if you are delusional (as opposed to actually experiencing visions, travelling to other realms, having elven traits and abilities, etc.). When I answered, I was told I should put the answer on the website - that it could be useful to some traveller along the way. This was my answer (slightly edited for a general context):

"One of the folks I rather respect, who is both a seriously talented witch/faery worker, and has much experience working with the drug addicted and the mentally ill, says that there is one major difference between the schizophrenic and the mystic...and that is control.

It is perfectly ok to be chatting and seeing such things...but you want to have it on your terms. Keep an eye on the filters, and make sure that you can shift things over when you need to. No aspect should be able to take over so that you CANNOT function in this world.

You are not delusional when you explore information coming in through one's filters and attempting to make sense of that information. You are delusional if you do not have the ability to check that information. You are delusional if you are absolutely certain that your version is the only one. Yes, we have effects, but we can never be sure just how far, or how much is us, or something else...or just happenstance.

See, I work with some interesting things...but I keep well aware that there are many layers and permutations of meaning, or effect, and of translation. The ways they "manifest"? Translations, how my mind interprets the info. I do not ever take it as totally real or that it MUST be.

Oh, and my opinion on things that come by to say hello? Just take the reasonable precautions and set some rules up for the interactions. Such entities are not evil or wrong, but anything not physical is not going to always totally "get" the rule set for here. That is YOUR job to make sure that the interaction is a good one (smiles). Always good to check perceptions with others, though...(chuckles) I know I do."