Where the Sky is the Earth
And the Land of the Man is Far Below ...

You're probably wondering why I have called you here. I'll tell you why. World Domination, I tell you, that's why.

Sageti -- This is my cat, my inspiration for world domination, and my best advisor in devising my plots.

Is it wrong? Who can tell until we've tried it. To this end, I've come for your Children!! Hehehehehehe!!!!

This is a picture of me at a Yule party - I am wearing most of my Yule presents...

Your Host, Rialian

I shall swoop down upon thee and thy kindred like a plague of locusts!

This is me playing "Spider Geek" in 1989-90, a practice used mainly to discombobulate people with an excess of combobulates.

You never want to have too many combobulates.

The persons in the picture below wrapped my head in paper towels, drew a face on the paper towels, and paraded me about my soon to be college dorm introducing me as "someone who is living here next year." This was the least of the things that these persons did to me. I am lucky to be alive. The man on the far righthand side is Dr. Chuck, who ran the Albright radio station where I first heard Dr. Demento... The one directly to the right of me is my friend George, who often sends me interesting Stuff. For example...

These fine people have helped me become the upstanding citizen that I am today.

More Friends -- Into every life, there enter in individuals that, for some reason or another, deeply affect the personal reality....some for the good, and some for the less than benign. I like to think of these people as some that had a more positive affect on who I am....of course, this depends on your definition of "Good influence"....

In print -- Books, Comics, Film Scripts, Poetry, Stone Tablets, Messages in a bottle...

Favorite Recipes -- Does it just sustain us or is it an artform?

Shopping -- Favorite online stores.

Thoughts From My Soul to Yours. Stuff I wrote that often re-expresses the circle that is my life. "Life is a wonderful thing to have. It can be as confusing as the world, or as simple as the same. If confusion was not the natural state of mind of the world, a type of creative death of the minds would occur."

Dictionary of the Weird -- It's not done, but it's begun! Be afraid. This dictionary contains the True Definitions of Some Things. It is unabridged. It is Incomplete. It grows as we learn more... It will achieve sentience...

Bachelor's Philosophy Thesis: Artificial Intelligence -- I had to rewrite this thesis six times. The sixth time I rewrote it and it was finally accepted by my professor, it was essentially in its original form. In fact, it could be said that this professor failed his artificial intelligence test. ;-)

The Toes of the Gods -- You just have to see for yourself. I do not want to talk about the ugly rumors that have been spread about me. This is proof positive that I can peel oranges with my toes. I can also write with them.

The Department of Antisocial Services -- Is your life going too well? Not enough problems? Bored to tears? Look no further.

The Dark Realm of Evil Boll Weevil -- Take a trip on a road that's darker, wilder, with a better set of pecs. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

The Dragon -- Home page of my late brother Barton.