It seems to me that it is easier to influence people over the internet, as many do not check what they hear against fact. Some of the tactics used for influencing others are amazingly effective, for example, slightly amending any positive thing someone writes with a subtly negative spin. It is simply amazing what people will believe when told to do so. Often, people are more likely to believe what they hear or read as presented through another's eyes, rather than to believe their own perception.

Here's an example: Suppose a work of art receives a positive review. Also suppose someone would rather other people had a low opinion of the artist. So they write an addendum to the review to try to leech the positive out of it, and replace it with what they want you to think. The permutations are fascinating.

Just thought to build on this one, perhaps as a focus for an endeavor:

Perhaps it is this dynamic that we need to work on -- the dynamic of people being willing to believe things created for them to believe. Perhaps this is the dynamic that we can have the most influence on.

Too many people willing to give up their own minds and souls in favor of another's version of reality. I wonder what is behind that, anyway? Why do people need to believe in another's verson of reality?

As a corrolary to that, why do some people need to have their reality be the one to be followed, to the exclusion of all others?

Perhaps Tears for Fears was right -- everybody wants to rule the world.

There have been instances of people talking about supporting this or that solely based on whether or not it agrees with their cabal/clique. I see this sort of cult mindset as the same sort of thing -- it involves people giving up their own perceptions in favor of the group mind, or someone who has set themselves up as an "elder".

We often see people just reaching that mystical, ancient age of 30 talking about "remembering the old days", and trying to create a culture out of being "wise folks who could guide so well if they were just listened to"... (Chuckle). I see this dynamic happen every so often -- the desire for a wisdom position before it's time. I just want to look at these people and say, "Ok, great. So you are an elder. Want to start taking on some of the not-so-great parts of that role?" By way of explanation, I considered my former supervisor at Social Services an "elder". She is a Quaker in her late 60s, and she wears her hair in a long white braid down her back. A wonderful lady, dedicated to social work. And if anything went wrong, for example if a child died due to inaction on the part of the department, she would carry the responsibility and the blame.

The "false elder" culture comes up in every group of people I see....people start talking like they are old...when really all they are is clue-senile. I just cannot wait to see who tries to take this role on in the 'Kin community. You know it is going to happen...Someone is just going to want to be the ancient wisdom.

It is a scary dynamic that plays itself out in many arenas...I have seen it in magickal groups, offices, and some degree of it online, but I think most of us have at least some idea that we are not elders.

We can only hope that if it ever starts happening here, these "wise" people will decide that the newly awakened 'kin are not worth their venerable golden years, and they will move on, allowing the newly awakened a chance to develop without tainting their ears with flawed, egoistic dysfunctions that pass (in cardboard castles) for grandeur. (My gods! I wrote that with a straight face!)

In my opinion, there are no elders in the online community - not yet anyway. There are manipulative sorts in all communities that would like to have us believe that they have the "experience". But in truth, we are all working on our lives, and getting a handle on things.

This is a quote about a certain group that illustrates the above descriptions:

Group spokesperson, in reference to deleting the word "otherkin" from the group's website: "Don't worry, this group is not abandoning the otherkin community"
Response by former member: "As a former member of this group, feel free to abandon us, we don't mind."