Reiki is a form of energy work that is extremely useful in healing work. There are many explanations for it....I encourage you to wander these pages and find the explanation that sings for you.

For myself, the origins of Reiki are less important than what it does, and how it can be used. It is a healing modality, but I have found, from my experience, that healing may be a (very desireable) side effect. My personal belief is that it links up with the "spirit template" of an individual, and, through clearing the channels between the realms, brings the forms of being closer into agreement. This is how health is returned to the helps the body help itself.

Reiki seems to be moderately sentient. It likes to help things work better, to help things get in line with that personal template. It will react, quite forcibly if need be, to obstructions and interference with the expression of the template. This makes it a wonderful tool in clearing attachments, and in combating manipulation. It will also not allow itself to be used to harm others.

Reiki is NOT for everyone, however. Some people do seem to have a negative reaction to Reiki, and this should always be respected. Some people find the energy unpalpatable, and it can interfere with some energy systems. I do not know why this is, but it is something to be aware of.

Enjoy your wanderings among these pages. I have lots of my own personal notes scattered about, and will have a lot of information on practical uses. I even have among these pages an experiment of mine....the on-line attunement.



Basic Reiki -- Eyovah's basic reiki page. I've mirrored Eyovah's entire site here so you can view his stuff without the annoying flash banners.

Advanced Reiki -- Eyovah's advanced reiki page.

Reiki Classes -- Eyovah's reiki classes.

Note - Eyovah is no longer available to teach these classes but he passed these techniques on to me before he left. Contact me at [email protected] if interested.

Reiki for the Magickal Practitioner -- Reiki started out as a healing system. There is much debate going on among the Reiki-ists as to how it started, who is doing it right, what is or is not Reiki and who can get the legal rights to which version of the best, most true, or most effective style. I have really no interest in the debate, other than for overall entertainment value... which is not much. Take my views with the requisite salt lick...

Frequently Asked Questions -- This is a list of questions that appeared in Reiki News. The William Rand Center for Reiki Training recommends that you ask these questions of any Reiki teacher before accepting them as your teacher.

Online Reiki! -- Someone gave me an interesting idea! Once I had the idea, I had to run with it. I would love to see how well an on-line web-page attunement would work. Click here for your online Reiki 1 Attunement!! Feel free to write me with your experiences, comments, and stories.

I am working on perhaps developing this into a sort of "helpful training primer" for other Reiki practitioners. This in no way takes the place of working with a competent Reiki teacher. Consider these pages helpful, an introduction, and perhaps a help in healing. I have no intention of certifying anyone through the can only really do this in person, in my opinion.