Ethics and Rememory

Ethical behavior is an odd question for an Elf to consider because Ethics is more a basic rule set rather than a rule-feel. Elves work by feel; it is a very kinesthetic experience. Even the logic is sensual . . . not so much a body-feel, as tends to be described by the term usually, but more of a reactive feel. It is more a meta-kinesthetic experience. If some behavior is "right", it tends to be a feeling of flow, where it is almost a given that the behavior is appropriate and needed. There is a surety there, one of a deep knowing that the action is the most correct one.

The closer an Elf is to their basic core, the stronger this flow-feel comes. Sometimes there is no explanation for an action unless the Elf feels out the right current and sees where it flow from. This is possibly the problem many have with the Elves. They seem so sure of themselves when they act, but rarely give a full explanation for what they did. Elves tend to see things as self-evident.

"For those who know, no explanation is necessary. . . for those who do not, no explanation will suffice."

An Elf may give an indication to the source-flow, but does not expect that explanation will help in understanding. Multiple currents may cloud the issues, and conflicting flows may occur. The Elf is aware of the flow he/she feels most comfortable in and will follow it more often than they will follow anything else. The more aware Elves endeavor to understand the flows they walk so to better know what they personally embody. This helps them so that they may be able to let another have a clue as to why they do some things.

At this point, the question arises, "What is this idea of Core?" The core is that essential kernel that pulls the self about it. It is that inner essence that acts as the reference point for all actions external. It is that "feel" that any embodied being is strving to bring into expression in the gestalt reality that is created by the interaction of all beings.

The idea is to embody the clearest flow of the inner core as possible, to draw to that core the most refined expression of it as possible in any given environment. It does not matter so much if it seems logical in comparison to other actions. What matters is that it is in tume with the core, and the actions are the best possible to express that . . . nothing more, nothing less.

Memories play a part in understanding the core, and there are multiple paths that can help explain the relation between memory and self, of the dance between the selves and Ethics.

The Path of ReMemory is a path of confusion and doubt, a path that brings into question the past and the future. It is a path that asks one to examine past (and future) identities, and to chose what to do with them. Does one allow those past selves to take over, to overrule the present self in importance? Does one attempt to meld the past and the present? Or does one utilize the lessons of selves past, and forge a new present and future with added insight gained from these personal ancestors?

The author, for example, has chosen to follow the path of the refinement of the self, utilizing the snippets of self that pop up from the past to inspire and instruct the present, to give new avenues for the present being. This rather than cobble together a patchwork soul that must be constantly re-examined at each new juncture. The past selves have their own lives to lead. Perhaps this sentiment can be summed up in the statement "I am not those people, but a new expression of the current that they also embody."

ReMemory is the re-remembering of past selves. These memories are not complete. They are images and re-interpretations of selves past through the filter of the present. They are not the same as who those selves were previously. They are an interaction between the mind-self as it is now, and the energetic patterns; An imperfect image seen through shifting layers of shadow. They may seem to be real, but are they?

Perhaps they are simply energetic patterns triggered by the present, responding to a resonance with that past that an embodiment of our core encountered.

How does one respond if the present resonance relates to a past (or future) one more than can be denied? Does one allow that resonance to take over, to overshadow and guide the weaker one of the present?

Perhaps not. It is more incubment on the present self to get stronger, to develop that deep tie with the inner core, rather than allow another resonance to take over. To lose the self is to do all the other embodiments of that inner truth a disservice, and it weakens the fabric of the selves all throughout the continuum of being.

We are not only responsible to ourselves, but to all other aspects of our being. We are beholden to the core of our own current to embody it as best we can in any environment we walk. Thus the danger of the Path of Rememory is a test of how we deal with knowledge of other will we use that information and knowledge to make the selves stronger?

In essence the "Elven Ethic" of this path is to find the most resonant "feel" of this personal flow and enact it into being. The more refined and "fine tuned" the expression, the more "ethical" it is. That which strengthens the core feel in the now is the most ethical, as it strengthens the strands of being.