Give it to me on a Silver Plate

===Dear gods, people are so deeply annoying.

===They want quiet social gathers, they want intense interpersonal awakenings...they want to be able to simply let it all relax and be THEMSELVES....

===...and they want it all handed to them.

===Do people not get the idea that they have to have some initiative? That someone has to go to the EFFORT to arrange for a space that gives everyone the space possible to do these things? Do they want a special fireplace to sit at so that they can have it happen for them?

===We have that. it is called a Television. They can switch the channel if it offends them, and they never have to take the risk of starting something themselves.

===And they ask where is the magick, where has it gone?...I can tell you where it went to a place where someone is doing something WITH it.

===You see, magick does not want an does not want a passive doll to place it's antics in front of.

===it wants a partner. It wants someone to INTERACT with.

===Where has the magick gone? It has left you for greener pastures that have cool people dancing with it, it is having a party with some responsible drunken intellectuals letting loose a blast of "Ass Humor" has left to go hang out with a mage in their room doing a ritual from their heart. it is visiting with a social worker that may have made a difference, if only for a moment, in the life of some person that had no hope before. It is standing back to back with a lone man (or woman) surrounded by impossible odds because they acted from their heart for what is right...and it is standing guard over a child in an ICU unit, giving the crack baby with double Pneumonia and a million-to-one chance of survival just one more little bit to grab onto if the child's soul chooses to decide that this life might be worth the risk.

===It left you a long time ago. You have to decide to court it, and prove yourself. You spurned it by deciding to live a lie... and magick, REAL magick, hates lies. Illusions are a sort of shadow of magick if they have no soul.. a poor imitation that wants your addiction.

===Where did the magick go? Why are you asking me? Maybe you should go ask it, and find out what needs to be done to have it come into your life again. You can try to open that inner door all you want....but if it has spurned you, the lock is on the OTHER SIDE. Slide it a note, and get your house ready....and be ready and willing to do everything you can to make it feel welcome.

===(sigh) People are so very, very stupid.