The Spaces Between

One thing that is (in my opinion) vital to elves is energy exchange. I think that elven sorts do produce a hell of a lot of current, but it needs a balance. Without that balance, things burn out.

I think that may be part of the elven sex is not about sex, but about energy exchange...a need to balance out the currents. I am wondering if that may be why the Counselors (this refers to the Counselors of House Kheperu) tend towards otherkin....that need for exchange making it easier for them to be the intermediaries...

It has been said that "Listari" has more of the feel of crystaline flows in the world (description of feels is ever so much fun). Stars in matter sparkling sharp points in a flowing medium. Picture a trail of fallen stars but going in a direction of purpose vs. scattering randomly. That is much how it feels....

Listari is an overall current....the name is for a manifestation of that current...but it does not mean that anyone of that feel IS listari....I think of it as a family of currents.

Feel is the essence of the elven thought pattern, in my own opinion...the feels, not the word itself. kinesthetic relation to the flows. I communicate better if I try to get people to ask things of me when I go into feel I have a focus to relate to.

Otherwise, I'd just be projecting feeling and no words to go with them that anyone could understand. That would drive peple nuts. If you're not tired from two days of workshops, it could be a neat exercise.

The otherkin are hard to keep straight -- especially with our penchant for shifting. Just when you think you may have someone pegged...they can change! I am personally of the belief that the shifting aspect is due to the environmental force that otherkin link into.

It is not just elves that are in that area between...I think the sorts of 'kin out there are based on how they mediate the energies of the space between things.

Think of two objects. then think of the space where they are not. Otherkin are of that space where all things are equal -- that area of surface tension between realities. Otherkin could be considered of the spot between water and air.... I think the difference between otherkin and non-otherkin is in how we mediate the forces.

Do you know what the top of water feels like? What that surface the water striders scate accross on ponds? That is the feel I am looking at....that place where things touch -- like the space in a mirror that is not of the material or that which it shows. The glass on top of the silver that reflects the image. It is not the object reflected, nor is it that which reflects, but the medium between the two. It is an odd concept. One finds it a lot in the old lore...meeting the faery at areas of transition -- of meeting the spirits at the crossroads.

I consider this area between an element in its own right. You have the "pure" forces in any paradigm -- and then you have the place where many of those forces meet -- where all is equal in possibility. It is not so much physical, but a state of interaction -- thus the shifting nature. It's based on interaction of that space. So it's not that you exist there and only in that space but you exist within it -- A within/without kind of thing. It is an odd place....

I think of this is the reason so many of us are so...unstable? If one is not aware of the relations, it is very easy to assume that you are what is imprinted into that space and what you choose to relate to...and lose sight of the personal center. Thus our susceptibility to very high psychodrama or obsessions with things. It's easy to forget that we're greater than this physical body, especially when everything is impinging on that set of senses all the time.