Synesthesia Symbiosis

The Elven Path is one of many senses melding into each other, of the perceptions overlapping and intermingling into a dance of weaving thoughts and expression, and something new yet not coming out of a relation that brings beauty out of all living together as singular individual in a joint flow.

Thus, I use Synesthesia, the transposing of different perceptions over one another, and sometimes overlapping qualities of the senses, to express the mind of the elven sort....where all things have a kinesthetic feel to them...where a sight or thought has an innate physical interlay. To be Elven is to be walking the worlds of experience with the senses dancing in unusual feel the flow behind and, more importantly, BETWEEN all relations.

And Symbiosis? An elf could be said to be of the catalyst that brings about true relation. Elves bring about Symbiosis in all relations that they touch. Each thing is seperate, but from the point of joining a new creature is formed, both separate but also joined. The individual is both ultimate but not.

From the interaction of senses both confused and heightened, and from the overlapping of many things comes the Elf....... a being that is most at home in the space between. Not of anything but the feel of the essence of twilight. From that feel the elf seeks to bring about the proper flows that unleash reality. An elf is not of anything other than the area between all things...and that space is the primary concern. Flow is or the Elf is not.