Unhinged Doors with Strong Thresholds

[Comment on unstable people reading magical books]:

Some people are already unhinged in their lives & reading a "forbidden book" can provide an interesting scenario for self-destruction. But the path to un-hingement was undertaken long before that person read any text or saw any arcane mystical diagram. If not that "forbidden book" then some other strange delusion or fixation will eventually overtake those whose life is already grossly out of whack.


I would have to agree with this, but I would like to tangent off from that to another aspect of the "unhinged"...

I am not so worried about someone unhinged reading forbidden books. I am far more worried about the ones who are convinced that they are completely healthy reading them (chuckle).

During my years working in intensive foster care, I noted the interesting phenomenon that the most dysfunctional families are in fact the most stable. No matter what you do, it is almost impossible to actually disrupt the dynamics of a well-entrenched community psychosis. One of the strongest anchor points of such a dynamic is to appear "normal", or even "vibrantly healthy". It is a very scary thing, to see even one person become entrenched in how healthy they or their groups are.

What seems to occur is that an incredibly strong facade is formed, and within remains the pressurised, pure aspect of that which is most denied. The stronger the facade, the deeper the dysfunction, and the more the participants need to influence the environment around them to support that shell.

This seems to be related to the Nightside Tree and the Qlipoph. The most powerful expressions of these forces are perhaps carried out through the most apparently "healthy".