We Do Not Do It For You

I do not do what I do FOR others. I do not do it FOR my bestest buds, I do not do it FOR the camaraderie. I do not do it because it is cool.

I do it because I feel the pull to do so… because I decide to listen to that pull and I decide I want to do it.

In my opinion, anything of worth really starts there. Others' input can affect things -- as long as I feel it feeds what I want.

Democracy is not the lowest common denominator. It is not what the majority wants. What Democracy is, when it is in its best form, is a sort of elitism. It is the expectation that only the best decide, and the best work on making sure the environment reflects this... and makes the environment one in which there are not blockages to ENLIGHTENED self-interest.

The problem is that so many think that their whining alone makes a difference… that they will be served what they think they deserve. They expect it to be given to them. This attitude is endemic to most communities and structures, and is what kills them eventually... that expectation that their wishes will be served.

Healthy communities are essentially where the majority of the members are both very selfish, and willing at the same time to make it so that the environment is conducive to others getting what they need... an enlightened self-interest.

The "scene" is simply an aspect of this... it is the aura of the community... the outer aura. That scene will be fine and healthy as long as there is that strong inner community of folks that are focused on what they want, and do not mind others that want to bask.

The problem is that too many "scene children" think that the community "owes" them something, and they push the point, often making the naturally selfish core people tired and less interested in making an environment that has too high a parasite load.

We do not do it for you, we do it for us... those who are willing to add in. We do not even do it for each other... we do it for the environment we want to have that makes our lives fuller.

We do not do it for our perceived "gang of friends". We are not sticking up for each other, so much as we are standing up for an ideal we want. The gang mentality types scare us, as they think it is a case of "us against them"... and you know, that "them" could really be anyone...including us. Especially us. Especially if we go after one of "yours"... you tend to get violent about that. You tend to forget that when you are like this, you are not something that we want to be around. And when you ask whatever happened to the community... when you complain about the "scene"... you will not look in the mirror and realize that you scared us away. You made it so that the environment was no longer the refined thing we worked on to get to a place we were comfortable -- each of us working as individuals. Your group scares us. Each and every one of us.

For there is no "we"... except that which is formed by the synergy of individuals walking along in our own strength...and you disrupted it all.