Walking the Thresholds Workshops

JUNE 7-10, 2007, Four Quarters Farm
PO BOX 11, Rockville MD 20848-0958

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Thursday: Opening and Setup, energy work available on request.

Sometime during the weekend, starting Thursday and possibly ongoing - work on Faerie Cairn, reconsecrate it.


Morning - Otherkin dietary and health explorations (Rialian) - Many otherkin experience unusual reactions to certain foods and other elements found in the environment. This discussion group will explore both the reactions and the various workarounds.

Late Morning - Healing sessions and healing techniques workshop (TBD, if instructor is able to attend)

Late Morning/Early Afternoon - (for those who want something a little more active and weather permitting) Edible, Medicinal, and Poisonous Plant Identification Walkabout

Early Afternoon - A honeycake baking workshop (Corvaxgirl)

Late Afternoon - A fae tea at the Faery Cairn (Corvaxgirl and Tessa)

Later Afternoon - Sweat lodge (Fearadyn and Farm Staff)


Late Morning - Culture sharing with Rialian: A number of us have been working with a number of things...Sourdoughs, Kombucha, Yogurt, Kefir, Food ferments....Baking...you name it. A lot of us have been finding that we have been able to work with these things to help us deal better with our environments. It might be a nice thing to share the results of what we have been up to. (grins) Group discussion/sharing. Bring your favorite ferment.

Orgone Energy 101 -- Building a demonstration orgone accumulator, (The Doctor)

Early Afternoon - Ritual Planning with Aladar

A brief shamanic land blessing - pre-ritual (corvaxgirl)

Late afternoon-evening: Ritual of awesomeness with Aladar

Post-Ritual potluck dinner - around 6 or 7 on Sat (Lyssa and Corvaxgirl)

After dinner drumming, bardic, storytelling (TBD)


1-on-1 energy work sessions, Reiki level 1 and 2 attunements or hands-on healing sessions available on request, continue Faerie Cairn work if still needed.

Takedown and Closing