Walking the Thresholds Workshops

JUNE 12-15, 2008, Four Quarters Farm
PO BOX 784, Rockville MD 20848-0958

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The Matrix and Otherkin Mutations/Uses Thereof (Jarin): This workshop will involve Memory work, trueform work, spirit journeyings and gatework. Several matrix prototypes will be demonstrated, as well as its key components and how they (and other tools) fit together. How to assemble and activate a Matrix of your own. The device presented in this workshop is based upon the Matrix that was presented at WtT 2, but is very different in form and intent. (Friday around 10:00 am)

Yogurt Making (Kiarrith): Learn techniques for making milk turn into yogurt. The facilitator fermenter will bring some milk and yogurt starter to demonstrate, but if you wish to make your own, bring a small quantity of milk (a pint is a good amount to start with), in a container with a lid. (Friday around 1:00 pm).

Seedballs and their uses (Dancinglights): Some kind of stompy-booted, guerrilla gardening 3lvz thing on making seedballs and doing undercover planting. Learn what a seedball is, how to make one, and how to use it to make the world more like home... (Friday around 2:00 pm)

Ethical symbiosis with the land as a form/system of Elven magic (Silvaerin'a): Being able not only to sense what is there, but communicating with it to determine how best to proceed. Working *with* our environments and not against them, creating a symbiosis that is more awake and alive than the sum of its parts. (Friday around 3:00 pm)

A Discussion of how magic, mythology, and ritual affects your outlook upon your kin-self and your daily lives (roundtable discussion, Foxchilde). Friday evening, some central hearth fire that is not the party fire.


Living with Bees, Weird Beehives, and Bee Gifts (Rialian):
The bees workshop is going to focus on the ideas of how an elf mutated beekeeping to be acceptable to him. In other words, if you are an elf, bees keep YOU. This workshop will focus on symbiosis WITH bees rather than working ON bees. Various elf-mutated hive styles may be discussed. Learn how the bee-elf symbiosis mysteriously increases the amount of honey, mead, and wax in your life without impinging on the ones who have first rights to it... (Saturday around 10:00 am)

Introduction to Herbalism (Stardansr & Orthaevelve): This workshop covers a lot of safety-related material, preparing herbal remedies such as tinctures, salves, decoctions and infusions, wildcrafting and buying herbs and how to work herbal remedies around medications and check for interactions. (Saturday around 3:00 pm)

Rockies Gray Wolf (Mitsukami): A silent auction will be held over the weekend for two wolf tooth necklaces. All proceeds will go to the Defenders of Wildlife in support of their lawsuit challenging the Federal government's decision to remove protected species status from the Rockies Gray Wolf. A display booth will be available to provide information about wolves and also about Mitsukami's kinship with this animal. Coyote tooth necklaces will also be available, but will be for sale directly. The Defenders of Wildlife page gives more info about the lawsuit. (Saturday around 4:00 pm)

Main Ritual and discussion and/or merriment around the fire(s): TBD