Stalking the "Negative" "X-Factor"
and a Call to Action...

[Silvaerin'a]: I just had a really sickening "thought": What is the likelyhood that it resonates out of the United States??

[Rialian]: It does.

[Silvaerin'a]: And that there is some being in a position of relative safety *here* manipulating things. Who in a position of relative power would have a hate on for the Afghani people, or just Arabs in general??

[Rialian]: My feel is much more along the lines of seeing them as an impediment.....lower life forms that did wrong, so they get slapped down, with whatever force is needed.

[Silvaerin'a]: Could we possibly zero in on him (??).

[Rialian]: Not recommended. Better to shift the environments around so that he has less ability to act in ways that harm others. The very strange thing is that it is not a "negative" flow. it has it's place, but the perspectives used are NOT seeing far better ways to get things done. It is almost like the base flow is perfectly good, but the perspectives used to determine proper action are skewed by personal issues. (Much like most fanatics that create self-referential feedback loops on what information is and how to understand it).

Such individuals and groups are not going to be affected by direct only feeds into their views of being righteous and correct.

I think it is time to work on the underlying issues of environment, rather than worrying about the points that the manifest in this reality. We otherkin can work the is time to begin doing so in a very aware manner.

From the different flows I am watching, it appears I may have been more correct than I expected when I answered Maduin's post about "begining with C and ending with N"....What we are dealing with are severe cases of comparmtentalization, with small cells of very dedicated folks having tasks to do, and not neccessarily having direct connections/communications anywhere. (This was actually brought up in the Washington Post this morning: Washington Post Article

I think we should start discussing and working on ways to disrupt such make the links more obvious and clear, and have accountability and responsibility be emphasized.

I actually see this as connected to the discussions of cults and dark gossip tactics that we have seen on a number of lists earlier this year....the dynamics have significant similarities. We need to work on them, and to affect the flows in a positive way to make accountability and awareness the stronger flow. We need to take out this extreme clique-ism, and the plotting, backbiting ways. Let us see if we can make a difference, and go after the roots...not the manifestations. We are Otherkin, after all...are we not part of the strata that walks between the fantastic realm of possibility and full manifestation? Time to help the flows between the two, and make both sides just a bit more healthy.

Open discussion is the first step. We get the environmental seed-thought out there that this needs to change.

I think people should work with the idea in their own way, but be open about what they are doing. I am not calling for any sort of centralized control, or for a specific manifestation of this idea.

What I am personally looking for is a strengthening of the currents BEHIND the manifestations we want. I am not a strong proponent of controling outcomes...that sort of control strikes me as being one of incredible hubris. We know the feels we work with...we know what feels right. But too often we try to control how it is going to manifest, and shift that current in such a way that it is not what we indeed wanted. It becomes a nightmare, one of good intentions going very, very bad.

Of course, I am a creature of catalyst, of a good mix of chaos and hope...I tend to see the strict focus on specific outcomes as not the best. I prefer to raise the energies that feel the most true, and send them out to manifest where they will. My ways are not necessarily the best for others. So I am trying to start a working of environment, and I am interested in seeing the life that grows from the flows opened up. I personally feel that the flows I encourage will find the niche they need, and that the evolution of the environments will provide the proper manifestation of those true flows I wish to see about.

We all have the responsibility to strengthen our own flows, the ones we embody. If we are "here for a reason (tm)", it is that reason alone. Reality is a tapestry, and we have the responsibility to be the stongest threads of what we are that we can possibly be. I can respect others, even those that may be considered "evil", if they are doing that. It is up to all of us to embody our own threads just as strongly. Things go askew when we let other threads overpower beyond their realm. "Evil" is things going outside their province of effect. Part of the responsibility is ours, for not standing up and adjusting the flows to embody what we want to be.

Question: How do you KNOW which ones are meant to be?

I do not...I only know the flows that feel right to my manifestation, and the ones that call to me to be strengthened. I chose to act, and to be aware of my interaction with the flows. Others will feel the need to resist those things....which is only proper. We all hold each other in symbiosis...when we are aware of what systems are working togethe, and which are supposed to limit each other.

Question: And who has the right to decide this? I don't think even God has the right. *looks around* I'm not saying leave things be.... I'm just putting out a note of caution. Far be it anybody's blood already be mingled with the stained hands of fate.

We all have this right. Every day. We have the responsibility to do this to the best of our ability, and the responsibility to work on our ability to do it better.

We are all gods of our own realms. We are all responsible. We should all be accountable.

From my own view, we are all already there. And no...I am not saying that the ones that died are "responsible" for what happened to them. I am very much not in agreement with the twits that say that we "bring theses things upon ourselves". I am saying that acting in awareness can assist in buffering the effects of those that reach out and cause harm.